I Remember Being Born

Joshua Johnson

I Remember Being BornI remember being born. I remember existing as pure consciousness or energy. I was able to think and reason just as I do in human form but I also felt connected to everything around me in a much deeper way than anything I have ever felt in this life. I was separate from and yet part of and at one with everything around me. I felt a peacefulness and love that is stronger than anything I have ever felt since then. When my memory began, I was far away from the Earth in a place that had no color or other consciousness with me.
Then I got this thought or awareness that it was time for me to go. Part of me did not want to leave that most wonderful peaceful place. At the same time, however, I knew that it was time for me to go and have a new experience. In that moment, I decided to follow this feeling and I moved quickly away from that place and traveled until I reached our planet Earth. In my memory, this trip lasted just a short moment and I have no idea how far or fast I had traveled through space and/or time. When I reached Earth, I remember looking down at the planet from space and it looked similar to how it looks when we see pictures from the space shuttle or satellites. I then traveled very quickly to the location of my birth. I remember coming down from the sky and seeing the forest, the road and the house where I would be born (it was really a small very rustic converted one room barn with a loft) as if I were looking from a plane from a few thousand feet up. I then came down to the ground slowly. I settled on the ground a few hundred feet from the house.

I remember specifically taking a moment to look around me and appreciate my surroundings. I looked at the trees and they did not look like they do now, they had a translucent appearance and I could see different colors in their forms. Everything looked as though it was alive with energy. The thought that came into my mind as I appreciated this moment was "Here I am on earth again". I had the feeling that this was not the first time that I had experienced being born on this planet. I remember wishing I had more time to explore the world in this energetic form. Then I became aware of my purpose again, so my attention turned to the house and I moved toward it. I traveled through the large skylight window that was in the loft-bedroom. I came down into the room and into my body just as I was coming out of my mother. One thing that I remember about the room is this incredibly bright light coming in through the window. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by how bright and spectacular it was. I was born at 12:04 AM, so this light could not have been sunlight. I really have no idea what this light was or where it came from. I just remember how amazing it was and felt at the time.

I remember knowing that the person giving birth to me was my mother and would be very important to me in this life. I remember being aware that it was my father catching me as I came out and that he too would be important to me in this life. I remember two or three other people standing next to the bed watching and I was aware that they were not going to be important to me in this life. They were simply witnesses to the event. To this day, I don't know who they were. I have never bothered to talk with my parents about this detail.

I remember that there was a small round window behind my father up high close to the ceiling. I remember the position of the bed and how the ceiling was sloped in the room. I remember where the stairs came up into the loft and where everything was in relationship to everything else. I also remember details about the property. I remember where the road and driveway were and that there was a stream behind the house down a hill. The house was fairly close to the road and it was on your right hand side as you drive in the driveway. The entire scene is a vivid image in my mind. The nature and quality of my memory is like memories I have of places I have physically been to and seen with my own eyes. It does not have the nature or quality of memories I have from seeing something in a picture, on video or reading about in a book or even memories from dreams for that matter.

Now I was about two or three years old.  I was playing on the floor and listening to some grown ups talk around our kitchen table. It’s funny how adults will talk freely about many things in front of very young children thinking that they don't hear them and/or understand what they are saying. Well I can assure you I was always listening as I grew up and I remember many conversations that were not meant for my ears. The adults started talking about childbirth, which triggered my memory of being born. I immediately stood up and told them that I remembered being born. They were of course all very surprised and proceeded to ask me what I remembered. I relayed my story, and they followed by asking me many questions about it. I remember answering their questions. I will never forget how completely amazed they all where listening to me tell the story. In the end, I found myself looking at a table of adults with their jaws on the floor. This was my first experience with how others would react to my memory.  I don’t think they disbelieved me, but I was aware that none of them had remembered their births as I had.

My story was so convincing because of the level of detail I provided. I gave details about the event and surroundings that I would not have learned from overhearing my parents talk about my birth. I had a familiarity with the kinds of details that anyone who was present during an experience would know, but that they would almost never relay in the telling of such an experience. At such a young age, I clearly knew more than to have been “imagining things”.

I have always felt blessed to have this memory. It has a profound impact on my life and how I look at life. I have never wondered what happens when we die and therefore I have never feared death. I have always felt supported by all that is, even during the most difficult times in my life.

One of the most incredible gifts this memory has provided is that it gave me the knowledge that our physical body is not who we really are. It is simply our genetic space suit.  We are spiritual beings who are having a human experience in this physical reality. I never had to learn this truth; I always just knew that this was true. As I grew up and was exposed to the mountains of dogma and illusions which exist and are fervently passed on from generation to generation, I was immune from their spell (many of them anyway). Anything that conflicted with my knowledge, I cast aside in my mind. None of these illusions had power over me because I saw them for what they were.

Ever since that day when I shared my story with my parents and their friends, I have been telling people my story. I want people to know what I know, to have the knowledge I have. I feel that part of the reason I chose to retain this memory is so that I can share it with others. This was again confirmed for me a few months ago when I was talking with someone who could see auras (I didn't know she could see them at the time).  I told her my story about being born. Of course, she understood perfectly, but she also told me that as I communicated the story, my aura expanded and was stronger. She felt that telling this story is part of my purpose in this lifetime. I responded by saying that I already knew that and I tell the story all the time to anyone who I feel will be even partially receptive to it.

I have tried to keep this story to just my experience. I wanted to share the experience as is without adding lots of my own ideas along the way. I would like to say one thing to those that are still having a hard time believing in concepts such as the continuation of consciousness after death, however. Becoming aware of the fact that consciousness does continue after death is something that I believe everyone can do if they choose to. I have come across so many ways to obtain this knowledge in my life that I have to laugh now at the skeptics who still try and teach that the world is flat. For anyone who has the desire, just start talking about it with people and keep saying to yourself and others that you want to learn the truth about what happens when you die. There really are mountains of evidence out there you just need to have an open mind and a desire to learn. The best evidence is personal experience so I encourage people to pursue paths that will enable them to experience this truth on a personal level.
This is the first time I have transferred this story from my mind into written words and I must say it was an amazing emotional experience for me. I hope that others enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed living it!
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